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To all people of good will for the Most Great Cause of advancing humanity,

May Victory Farm find root in whatever fallow land has willing hands to give humanity a chance to hold the ground of peace, sustainability, and justice! Thank you for visiting! This temporary page aims to give voice to a perennial project.  Please help us improve what is here by commenting, emailing info@victory.farm or tweeting @victoryfarm

What is Victory Farm?

Victory Farm is a progressive, participatory and open-source farming standard, with a planet advancing mission.  A clarion call to collective, coherent action to pioneer cooperative, regenerative, economically prosperous, technologically tuned farming to manifest justice, enhance biological diversity, safeguard the future of countless generations, and fulfil America’s Divine Destiny – to train the military industrial complex AWAY from physical destruction to material liberation, spiritual fulfilment, and to harness leadership in wilful evolution.

Inspired by the Victory Gardens campaign of WWII, we aim to go the extra mile, surrender every form of conflict between us all, down to the very worms tilling the soil beneath our feet, and embrace the more attractive future… One that challenges the world’s governments to do their best in meeting the tests of today and for generations to come


What’s happening now?

We are networking farms around NYC’s watershed to Americanize the best practices of South America’s FUNCAEC program – a 40 year running and 150,000 farmer strong self-governing, cooperative agricultural system spanning 7 countries.  Central to the effort is youth empowerment and skills training with Seedball, the only independent recipient of the National Nature Conservancy’s National Grant for integrated sustainable education and farming – called the “Nature Work’s Everywhere Garden“. These Seedball teams in NYC are training to manage a playground of uncultivated land – here’s a picture of the first generation of Victory Farm locations we can share

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We currently have trusted access to over 1,000 acres of uncultivated land, across 19 sites within and outside of NYC, spanning all 7 growing zones in NYC’s watershed.  That’s more land than all of Central Park!

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Major supporters include one of the founding directors of FUNDAEC, Organic Valley, the Director of Cornell’s Department of Agriculture, a founder of the Center for Bioregional Living, to name a few, who are helping us go beyond this first year of organizing the very beginning of a mighty effort

What’s the long term mission?

Train 19,000 top soil building, cooperative farmers over 19 years near NYC’s watershed, opensource the best practices and network across other watersheds for the meta cooperative challenge of local/planetary production… in the face of impending economic unravelling, climate chaos, and dangerous government/capitalized standards… quality cannot be bought or legislated, it must be cultivated and discovered.

Outpace the governments of the world in natural, regenerative (beyond organic), carbon sequestering through farming, with open, visible and un-commodifiable solutions to reverse global warming and cool the planet down below 1.5° C of warming when the time comes… all with setting a new standard in non-petrol based distribution and cultivation.

Scale with local First Nations and Indigenous Peoples through foundational treaties (such as the Two Row Wampum Belt) to support the propogation of endangered languages, traditional agriculture knowledge, and governing systems that are all critical for planetary survival (read all 9 missions)


We are integrating urban, suburban, rural and coastal best practices, with open source methods, watershed based design and innovations in cooperative management.  Here are a few amazing systems yet to be brought together in a coherent cultivation plan.

What’s Next?!

rally 9 more experienced farmers to match our 10, who mirror NYC’s beautiful diversity, are eager to harness the skills in sustainability and teen mentorship training, cooperative management, and are ready to go the long haul! Each farmer will have 50 free acres with the opportunity to own, as they train a new generation through cooperative profit sharing of the production.

inspire 95 youthful people to redefine the meaning of “internship” as they take the lead in pushing a new standard, as we Americanize the FUNDAEC training and add to it with online video, audio and text resources.  Each youth will be collaboratively training with one or more of the experienced farmers with an average of 4 co-learners.

design, build and document the first Victory Farm House (an open source, off grid, “tiny house”) within the rural network for interns and farmers to use in migratory work

design, build and document the first Victory Farm Trailer (an open source, off grid, portable quarters that fits the Victory Farm House) and convert a least 1 of the diesel vehicles we have in the network

raise at least 3 successful coops

double the land network – especially along the coast for aquaculture … and start trusted initiating groups in key cites throughout America and abroad 🙂

(read all of our short term goals for 2016)

With who?!

If you or your business, school, faith group or friends would like to support Victory Farm, or enjoy priority access to the best food in NYC, or like to put a yard/lot/roof/factory/plot/forest/ or coast into production, or volunteer a car/office/tent/couch for a worthy cause, or wana get some hands dirty, or wana make history, then perhaps its you!

If ya got a heart beating for humanity, then all skills, advice, and resources are more than welcome – we need all hands on deck!  Who knows what other carcinogen the USDA will allow to pass as organic (eg. fracked water), or when 700 trillion dollar derivatives bubble will burst, or when we reach another ecological tipping point of no return, or if the global conflicts over petrol based sustenance will increase from our delay..  No time to wait, let’s build the future and reverse disaster 😀


Here’s what the pre-rally cry has roused so far – Organic Valley, Seedball, Local Jam, Culinary Culture Center, There Are No Recipes, PostOccupy, Occupy Farms, PermaJam, LocalJam, Microgreens.NYC, GreenHub.NYC, GreenScouts.NYC, GreenCorps.NYC

Soon we hope to partner officially with – Mondrogon, Open Source Ecology, Windowfarms, Food Democracy Now, Organic View, Edible