Next Steps

Our next steps for the 2016 growing season include

– rally an additional 9 experienced regenerative farmers to match our existing 10, diverse in their background, who are willing to take free training in teen mentorship, cooperative management, and are ready to go the long haul!

– inspire 100 youth to intern and push the standard, as we Americanize the FUNDAEC training and push it even further with online video, audio and text resources.

– design and build a minimum of 1, open source, off grid, “tiny house” within the rural network for cyclical farm hand / learn by doing work

– design and build a minimum of 1, open source, off grid, “farmer’s trailer” and convert a least 1 of the diesel vehicles we have in the network

– raise at least 3 coops to generate profit, and secure at least a 5 year production contract

– grow more produce than the Victory Farmers need for sustenance

– sequester more green house gasses than we emit through composting/biochar/top soil building or any promising, agrico-ecologically sound methods.

– double the existing land access network – especially along the coast for aquaculture

– find the land which Victory Farm will purchase for the benefit of all coops involved