9 Missions

II. significantly support, and progressively advance the oldest treaty in continent, the Two Row, and subsequent treaties with First Nations

III. significantly support, and progressively advance the call for reparations for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

IV. pioneer independence from the petroleum industry that fuels the terrorism, economic and climate chaos around the world… this is the number one global security threat that countless farmers around the world are already addressing with no acknowledgement, or thanks… We will find those visionary, veteran Victory Farmers who have gone unnoticed, and ask them to train the first generation of Victory Farmers.

V. beat the governments of the world in reversing global warming by measurable autonomous per/capita practices in organic, ecosystem/food system based global cooling/carbon sequestration techniques, and pave the way for ubiquitous adoption of DIY global warming reversal technology should the Nations of the world fail to meet their goal of keeping our beloved Mother Earth from warming more than 1.5 degrees.  In the unlikely event that this happens, even if the governments of the world do achieve this mighty victory, we will push them to reverse the warming done, and pioneer a truly organic climate harnessing culture.

V. host more refugees of political, religious, economic, global warming, or war related causes to come to United States, and produce the solution – ubiquitous cultivation knowledge that obsoletes the military/reservation/prison industrial complex.

VI. bridge production and markets with the 150,000 farmers in South America of FUNDAEC

VII. establish the most trustworthy and accomplished of all farming practices, raising global literacy through new metrics on effective methods of cultivation and ecosystem enhancement from soil to tummy.

IIX. inspire a movement across the world to participate in the profound opportunity of advancing the base of civilization, for a real resource management system that cuts out all the middle men.

IX. please the Creator of All Things